Glaser and Mertens Double

Hendrik Mertens just flat-called a raise out of the big blind and check-shoved the :::Ks{10d}:::4d flop for 69,000. Periklis Charmpilas on the button reluctantly called and sighed when he was shown the :::Ac:::kc by the Dutchman. Charmpilas only had :::Kh:::5s and the :::Ah turn locked up the double for Mertens, which made the :::2s river a formality.

Charmpilas ran out of chips shortly after, while another short stack found a double. Benny Glaser got it in from the small blind with :::Ac:::Jc and Henri Koivisto on the button called with :::Qh:::6c. The board ran out :::As:::Kc:::9s:::Qc:::Jh to give the three-time WSOP bracelet winner new hope for a second cash in Dublin on his first trip to Ireland.

Per Helge Gassand580,000213,000
Jakub Groblewski355,000310,200
Henri Koivisto330,00060,000
Chris Dowling240,000177,100
Hendrik Mertens175,00065,000
Jan Marcus Ohman140,000-17,900
David Schable140,00093,400
Benny Glaser55,00035,000
Periklis Charmpilas0-51,700