Great Restart for Levi

It folded around to Marius Daniel Cazacu on the button and he decided to go all in. The player in the small blind was still absent from the table after the break and the player in the big blind, Shanar Levi, only had 22,800 in total. Levi had a visible tough decision to make but ended up calling.

Marius Daniel Cazacu: :::Kc:::Qc
Shanar Levi: :::Qh:::Js

Levi had to come from behind but the dealer dealt an excellent flop with :::Ts:::6s:::Jd. The turn was the :::Jh giving Cazacu fewer outs and the river was a blank in the form of the :::2h.

Shanar Levi47,000
Marius Daniel Cazacu28,000