Hardcastle Takes a Stack

Jack Hardcastle has been on a tear early in Day 2. He started the day with a short stack, but he’s now playing over 400,000. He cracked the 400K mark after a hand against Pieter Aerts. Action was on the turn wit the board reading :::Tc:::Kc:::8s:::4s and Hardcastle was facing a check-raise from Aerts, pumping up Hardcastle’s original 20,000 bet to 50,000.

Hardcastle made the call, and the river came :::Td. Aerts checked again, and Hardcastle shoved with the bigger stack. Aerts hit the tank for a half minute or so, before he called off hos whole stack, but mucked and walked away when Hardcastle tabled :::As:::Ts.

Jack Hardcastle 426,000 312,000
Pieter Aerts 0 -142,000