Heath Takes Big Pot Off Langfeldt

Nicolay Langfeldt

Nicolay Langfeldt raised to 50,000 and Eli Heath defended his big blind to see a flop of :::9h:::8d:::6h. Heath check-called a bet of 60,000 and then checked again the :::Jc on the turn.

Langfeldt now bet 105,000 and Heath check-raised to 290,000 with the Norwegian coming along. The :::Qc on the river triggered a bet of 390,000 by Heath and Langfeldt talked through hands, mentioned in chat a set. He was worried about queen-ten, but eventually called and then mucked in disgust when Heath showed him :::Ah{10s} for the straight.

Eli Heath2,400,0001,350,000
Nicolay Langfeldt400,000-880,000