Heath Takes Control

Hand 1

Adrian Stefan Calusaru raised to 325,000 with the :::8c:::6c and then called the three-bet by Eli Heath for 825,000. Heath bet his :::Ad:::Jc on the :::Ks:::3h:::2d flop and Calusaru folded.

Hand 2

Heath raised to 325,000 with the :::Qd:::Qc and Bostan called with :::Ks:::Jc in the small blind, as did Calusaru with :::Kc:::8c in the big blind. On the :::Qh:::4c{10d} flop, the trio checked. Bostan bet the :::7d turn for 475,000 and Calusaru folded, Heath called.

The :::3h river completed the board and Bostan bet 650,000 and then folded when Heath had raised.

Eli Heath10,800,0002,625,000
Traian Bostan2,800,000-1,660,000