Hedelin Busts Constantin

A preflop raising war saw Florin Minea squeeze to 3,475 in th cutoff and Bo Joakim Hedelin just called from the button before Adrian-Costin Constantin moved all in for 13,650. Both Minea and Hedelin called, the flop then came :::9s:::2s:::5c. Minea checked, Hedelin shoved and that forced a fold from Minea.

Adrian-Costin Constantin: :::As:::Kh
Bo Joakim Hedelin: :::Kd:::Ks

The :::Qd turn and :::2c river were blanks and Constantin was eliminated.

Bo Joakim Hedelin55,00017,000
Florin Minea41,00018,000
Adrian-Costin Constantin0