Hotted89 Chips Up

Alan Widmann

Alan "Hotted89" Widmann has been spotted with an above average stack while Andrei Toma was cut back down to where he started. According to Widmann, he faced a raise to 2,200 by Toma and a call by the cutoff, then called in the small blind with :::Ax{10x}. On the :::Ax:::Jx:::9x:::7x:::4x board, Toma barreled through and Widmann check-called to get shown :::Kx:::Jx by Toma and rake in a decent pot.

Iulian Tataru180,0002,200
Evangelos Bechrakis165,00035,000
Alan Widmann120,00043,600
Aku Joentausta100,0003,000
Anko Hoogendijk90,000-6,700
Andrei Toma80,000-55,000