Hotted89 Departs; 50 Players Remain

Alan "Hotted89" Widmann

Alan "hotted89" Widmann defended his big blind and went with his flush draw on the :::4c:::2c:::2h flop. Emil Brunnberg snap-called with :::Ac:::Ah and Widmann tabled :::8c:::7c. Neither the :::Kh turn nor the :::5d river were of any help for the esports gamer and he busted shortly before the money.

Fellow German Bjorn Kadgien and 2018 WSOP Europe Main Event champion Jack Sinclair suffered the same fate, which reduced the field to the last 50 hopefuls.

Emil Brunnberg245,000105,000
Alan Widmann0-90,000
Jack Sinclair0-75,000
Bjorn Kadgien0-29,700