Hutchison Puts Van Brabander to the Test

Charlotte Van Brabander

The last remaining Unibet Ambassador Charlotte Van Brabander opened to 5,500 from the hijack. Dean Hutchison three-bet to 12,500 on the button and Van Brabander called. The flop was :::Ah:::4d:::3c and Van Brabander check-called a 7,500 bet from the Scotsman.

The turn brought the :::Jd and now Van Brabander quickly led out with a bet of 16,500. Hutchison’s action was fast-paced as well and he called. On the :::5s river, Van Brabander checked and Hutchison quickly shipped in his remaining stack of 43,000.

It was a decision for nearly all of Van Brabander’s remaining chips, but the Belgian couldn’t find a call and folded after ten seconds.

Dean Hutchison 120,000 38,600
Charlotte van Brabander 50,000 -26,000