Ilkka Heikkila Eliminated in 8th Place (€7,100)

Ilkka Heikkila

Ilkka Heikkila shoved all in for 360,000 from under the gun, Julien Stropoli also went all in from middle position and the other players folded.

Ilkka Heikkila: :::Qs:::8s
Julien Stropoli: :::As:::Kh

The :::Th:::3h:::4s flop didn’t provide any help for Heikkila and the :::Ac on the turn sealed his fate, making the :::6c river inconsequential. The Finn bowed out in 8th place and received €7,100 for his deep run.

Ilkka Heikkila
Ilkka Heikkila
Julien Stropoli1,585,000360,000
Ilkka Heikkila0-430,000