Ioana Silvana Eliminated in 15th Place (£4,900)

Ioana Silvana

Francis Foord-Brown opened to 50,000 from middle position. Dejan Govedic three-bet to 140,000 from the hijack. In the cutoff, Ioana Silvana went in the tank and eventually shoved for 231,000. Foord-Brown folded and Govedic instantly called.

Ioana Silvana: :::Jc:::Jd
Dejan Govedic: :::Ks:::Qs

The graduated pharmacist, who received a €2,000 Challenge Package for this tournament by grinding 1,200,000 points on Unibet, was ahead after the :::2d:::4h:::7h flop. The :::Kc on the turn flipped the tables on the last woman standing, and the :::Kd on the river was just to rub salt in the wounds.

Silvana, who’s previous biggest cash was around €1,000, saw her incredible freeroll journey come to an end in 15th place, taking home €4,900 to Romania.

Ioana Silvana 0 -327,008