It Is Alwayas Coming Seven; Hotted89 is Gone

Alan Widmann

Tomas Montrimas jammed with the :::As:::7c and Denis Simionel did so with the :::Ah:::Qc, forcing out Oerjahn Winther with pocket tens. The board came {10c}:::4h:::2s:::Ks:::7h and Montrimas lived another day.

Right after, Alan Widmann got his last 162,000 in preflop and again it was Montrimas involved in the showdown.

Alan Widmann: :::Ac:::Qc
Tomas Montrimas: :::Js:::Jc

The board came :::Ks:::5c:::3s:::9c:::9h and that spelled the end for the online streamer also known as "hotted89".

Tomas Montrimas440,000364,000
Denis Simionel289,000-73,000
Alan Widmann0-126,000