Jaaskelainen Runs into Aces

On a :::9d:::2s:::qh:::2c board David Pecheur checked to Juho Jaaskelainen who moved all in for 102,000. Pecheur snap-called.

Juho Jaaskelainen: :::qs:::kh
David Pecheur: :::ad:::ah

Jaaskelainen had run into the pocket aces of his opponent, and there was no help on the :::3c river as he became the latest player to bust the Unibet Open Paris Main Event.

Alexandru Danes380,000185,500
Frank van Elk280,000147,000
David Pecheur270,00050,000
Jimi Koponen210,000177,000
Malik Corbin145,00052,500
Nicolas Cardyn105,000-28,000
Juho Jaaskelainen0-187,000