Jacobsen Can’t Shake Rantamaki

The action folded to Daniel Jacobsen in the cutoff who made it 1,200 to go. Joni Rantamaki defended from the big blind and the flop came :::qc:::jd:::5c. Rantamaki checked to Jacobsen who continued for 2,000 and Rantamaki called.

The turn brought the :::9d and Rantamaki checked again. Jacobsen fired out another 4,000 and Rantamaki still called. The river was the :::5h and Rantamaki checked for the third time. Jacobsen gave up and checked it back. Rantamaki tabled :::qs:::th and Jacobsen couldn’t beat it.

Joni Rantamaki43,500
Daniel Jacobsen9,700-20,300