Jan Eckert Eliminated in 5th Place (€14,600)

Jan Eckert

Jan Eckert shoved 850,000 on the button, Henri Piironen reshoved all in from the small blind and Roberto Morra folded the big blind.

Jan Eckert: :::Ah:::5c
Henri Piironen: :::9s:::9h

After the :::8h:::Jc:::Th flop and :::Qs turn, Eckert would now be needing the kings instead of the aces if he was to survive.

Unfortunately for him, it was the :::Ac that fell on the river and he shook hands as he made his way off the feature table.

Jan Eckert
Jan Eckert
Henri Piironen3,320,0001,120,000
Daniel Jacobsen1,860,000-25,000
Julien Stropoli1,660,000-250,000
Roberto Morra1,350,0000
Jan Eckert0-825,000