Jan Naderzadeh is the Bubble

Jan Naderzadeh

Ultra short stack Jan Naderzadeh has bubbled the Unibet Open London. Naderzadeh actually lasted two hands, as he wasn’t forced all in in the first one from the big blind. Naderzadeh opted to fold instead, leaving him with just 4,000.

In the next hand, Naderzadeh was automatically all-in from the small blind. Three players called to put the Brit at risk and quickly checked down :::Ks:::Js:::Ts:::7h:::Jh.

Naderzadeh showed first and tabled :::7s:::4h for sevens and jacks. The three other players respectively showed :::Ah:::Td, :::Ac:::8c and Marius Hutupasu with :::Ad:::Kd. Hutupasu took it down with kings and jacks and Naderzadeh left with nothing.

Jan Naderzadeh 0 -70,000