Johannes Vaeisaenen Eliminated in 18th Place (€3,835); Pavel Alexandru Eliminated in 17th Place (€4,295)

Johannes Vaeisaenen

Johannes Vaeisaenen moved all in from the button and Stefan Drusca did so from the small blind. Pavel Alexandru quickly called in the big blind and the cards were turned over.

Johannes Vaeisaenen: :::As:::5h
Stefan Drusca: :::Kc:::Qh
Pavel Alexandru: :::Ah:::Ks

The :::Kh{10d}:::6s flop left Vaeisaenen on thin ice and he was drawing dead on the :::8s turn. Drusca spiked the magical :::Qc river to send both opponents to the rail with his two pair. Vaeisaenen received €3,835 and Alexandru made the pay jump to earn €4,295 for his efforts.

There will now be a short break of 14 minutes for the two-table redraw.

Pavel Alexandru
Pavel Alexandru
Stefan Drusca770,000310,000
Johannes Vaeisaenen0-212,000
Pavel Alexandru0-198,000