Johansen is the Bubble

Karsten Johansen

Kristoffer Rossevold shoved from the cutoff to put all three players behind him at risk. Karsten Johansen called 94,000 all-in from the big blind.

Kristoffer Rossevold: :::8h:::8c
Karsten Johansen: :::Jc:::Jd

Johansen’s lead evaporated after the :::Ks:::8d:::7s flop. The Dane suddenly found himself in a deep hole and the :::5s on the turn left him drawing to the remaining jacks.

The :::Tc river sealed the hand for Rossevold and gave Johansen the dubious honor of bubble boy. With Johansen’s exit, all other players are guaranteed at least DDK 15,700.

Kristoffer Rossevold 400,000 328,100
Karsten Johansen 0 -198,700