Jordon Under Maximum Pressure

Terry Jordon

Arno Simon raised to 9,000 in middle position. Wenbin Chen three-bet to 22,000 from the cutoff. Terry Jordon cold-called from the small blind and Simon called as well.

The flop came down :::Qd:::Js:::2c and Jordon led out 30,000. Simon called and Chen folded after some thought. Jordon checked the :::5h turn to Simon, who bet 45,000. The start-of-the-day chipleader came along with the call.

The river was the :::4h and Jordon checked again.

"All-in", the Frenchman said within mere seconds.

Simon had Jordon covered, and the Brit was facing a decision for his tournament life seven places before the bubble. It was 152,000 to call for Jordon, who thought for nearly four minutes before open-folding :::Ah:::Qc.

Arno Simon 480,000 223,000
Terry Jordon 152,000 -248,000