Joris Springael Eliminated in 2nd Place ($72,814); Joe Serock Wins!

Joris Springael

From the button, Joe Serock opened with a min-raise to 400,000 and Joris Springael called in the big blind as the dealer spread a flop.

Springael checked over to Serock who bet out 475,000. Springael sat there for a few moments and then announced a raise to 1,200,000.

Serock called, and the turn landed the as Springael announced another bet of 1,200,000. Serock took his due time before pushing out the necessary calling chips as the completed the board on the river.

Springael checked, and Serock stood up to assess how many chips Springael had remaining; approximately 1,955,000. Serock then announced he was all in and Springael began talking to Serock as he contemplated calling off his tournament life.

“Whatever happens Joey, I still get your flip flop right?” asked Springael.

Serock sat there motionless as Springael stared him down while shuffling 55,000 in pink 5,000-denomination chips for close to five minutes before plunking them into the pot to signify a call.

Serock immediately reached for his cards, tabled his for two-pair and stood up and started walking to his rail.

Springael was forced to show his for a rivered pair, and when Serock saw the good news, he was immediately embraced by his rail that included Anthony Spinella.

With that, Springael is eliminated in 2nd place for a $72,814 payday as Serock is crowned the European Open Special Edition Champion, and recipient of the $113,059 first prize and Wynn Fall Classic trophy.

Joe Serock13,495,0004,785,000
Joris Springael0-4,785,000