Juho Launonen Eliminated in 9th Place (€9,910)

Juho Launonen

In the first hand of the final table, Adrian Stefan Calusaru raised to 125,000 from early position and the action folded to Juho Launonen in the cutoff. He moved all in for around 20 big blinds and action folded back to calusaru, who snap-called.

Juho Launonen: :::Ad:::Kd
Adrian Stefan Calusaru: :::Ac:::Ah

The board of :::6h:::4s:::3d:::7s:::Qh left the Finn without chips and Eli Heath as only non-Romanian on this final table. Launonen takes home €9,910 for the 9th place finish.

Adrian Stefan Calusaru3,810,0001,405,000
Juho Launonen0-1,255,000