Jux Holderness Doubles Through Gassand

Paul Jux Holderness

Per Helge Gassand raised with the :::Kh:::Qc first to act and Paul Jux Holderness called on the button with :::Jd{10h}. The flop came :::9s:::8h:::4d and Gassand continued for 100,000, Jux Holderness shoved for 314,000 and the Norwegian was priced into a call with his two overcards to find out he was in fact ahead.

Jux Holderness improved to a pair on the :::Jc turn, and the :::3c river was a brick to leave Gassand with very few big blinds.

Paul Jux Holderness818,000479,000
Per Helge Gassand84,000-535,000