Jux Holderness Gains 2-1 Lead

Julien Kron limped in with the :::Qs:::5c and Paul Jux Holderness raised to 350,000 with the :::As:::Ah, Kron called and on the :::Kc:::Js:::7h flop a bet of the Brit did the trick to vault him into the chip lead as Kron quickly released his cards into the muck.

Jux Holderness raised to 375,000 with the {10c}:::4d and Kron three-bet big with :::Ks:::4h in order to force a fold.

Kron raised to 325,000 with :::Ad:::2d and Jux Holderness defended the :::Ks{10h}. Both flopped a pair on {10c}:::3s:::2c and Jux Holderness checked to Kron, who bet 325,000 and immediately faced a check-raise to 925,000. Kron elected to call and the :::Jd followed on the turn. Jux Holderness leaned out of his chair to check the stack of his opponent. The Brit checked and Kron bet 725,000, Jux Holderness moved all in and a quick fold by Kron followed.

Paul Jux Holderness7,130,0002,130,000
Julien Kron3,650,000-2,150,000