Jux Holderness Wins Biggest Flip of the Tournament So Far

Paul Jux Holderness

Mick McCloskey jammed up his stack by moving in from the button with the :::As:::4s and got back up to six figures.

The next hand would provide even more fireworks and turned into the biggest pot of the tournament so far. Michael Brock raised to 160,000 on the button and Paul Jux Holderness three-bet the small blind for 450,000. Brock moved all in and Jux Holderness called for 2,475,000 to create a 5 million pot.

Paul Jux Holderness: :::Qd:::Qh
Michael Brock: :::Ac:::Ks

The board came {10c}:::7c:::2d:::7d:::4c and the pocket pair held up in a battle of the Brits to send Brock from chip leader to a short stack, he walked away from his seat to get some fresh air while the stacks were counted.

Paul Jux Holderness5,090,0002,690,000
Julien Kron2,150,000-200,000
Mick McCloskey1,020,000450,000
Michael Brock850,000-2,650,000
David Schable840,000-120,000
Keith Brennan835,000-210,000