Kjetil Froytland Eliminated in 19th Place (£3,880)

Kjetil Froytland has become the latest casualty over at the feature table. The majority of Froytland’s chips got shipped to Krzysztof Jaguscik in a big preflop all-in confrontation. Froytland held :::Ah:::Qs, but didn’t hit against Jaguscik’s :::Jc:::Js to drop to two big blinds.

Jaguscik finished what he started a couple of hands later. Froytland was all in with :::Qd:::8c and Jaguscik picked up :::Kc:::Kh. No help for Froytland on :::Td:::Th:::5s:::6c:::4h and his run ended in 19th place.

The 18 remaining players will now have a redraw for the final two tables.

Krzysztof Jaguscik 720,000 430,000
Kjetil Froytland 0 -500,000