Klassen and Ohman Win Big Pots

Ricardo Klassen

Ricardo Klassen won a big pot just before the first break of the day when he took on Raul Olarescu. The duo invested 7,200 each on the :::Ah{10d}:::8h:::6d turn with Olarescu check-calling and the :::Qs on the river was checked down. Olarescu showed :::Ac:::Kc and Klassen had that beat with the :::As{10s} for two pair.

One table over, the completed board showed {10c}:::7c:::4s:::6d:::9h and there were already 30,000 in the middle. Jan Marcus Ohman bet 7,000 and Martin Soukup reluctantly called. Ohman showed the :::As:::Ah and Soukup double-checked his cards before sending them into the muck.

Amanda Sidark62,00010,000
Jan Marcus Ohman57,00057,000
Markus Heikkila57,00014,000
Tuomo Niskanen52,00012,000
Andy Black51,000-12,000
Ricardo Klassen48,00023,000
Raul Olarescu15,000-20,000
Martin Soukup13,000-17,000