Klassen Busts in Big Pot

Ricardo Klassen

Julien Kron made it 18,000 to go on the button and Ricardo Klassen three-bet to 41,000 in the big blind, Kron came along and they headed to the {10d}:::9d:::8c flop. Klassen continued for 35,000 and Kron raised it up to 102,000, which prompted the shove of Klassen for 300,000.

Kron snap-called for a reason and Klassen was in dire shape.

Ricardo Klassen: :::Jh:::Js
Julien Kron: :::Qc:::Jc

The :::5h turn and :::9c river brought no miracle for the Dutchman and he was sent to the rail in the last hand before the dinner break.

Julien Kron710,000280,000
Ricardo Klassen0-360,000