Koivisto Takes Lead on Outer Table

Outer Table

Henri Koivisto has come out roaring with aggression over on the outer table and raised several hands in a row. He claimed the blinds and antes in the first attempt and then faced a three-bet by Michael Brock in the big blind when making it 60,000 to go. Brock three-bet to 155,000 and Koivisto was having none of it, four-betting all in to force an instant fold.

One orbit later, Koivisto raised to 60,000 again and Brock defended the big blind. On the :::Ad:::Kc:::6s flop, Brock checked and called a bet of 55,000, then check-folded the :::8d turn to a second barrel of 160,000 by Koivisto.

Henri Koivisto1,550,000500,000
Michael Brock1,150,000-330,000