Kooij Bluffs Everything Away

Andrei Tudose

Andrei Tudose raised to 3,600 from middle position and Teun Kooij three-bet to 10,500 from the cutoff. The player in the small blind tagged along and so did Tudose.

The flop was :::8d:::2h:::6s and it checked to Kooij. He fired another bet of 13,000 and after the player in the small blind folded it was Tudose with the call.

The turn came down and it was the :::6d which paired the board. Tudose checked to Kooij who pushed all in for about 30,000. Within a second, Tudose threw in a single 100 chip to the middle to signal a call.

Kooij opened up :::Qh:::Js for queen high and Tudose showed :::8s:::8h for a full house.

The river was the :::4s and Kooij was eliminated from the tournament while Tudose started stacking.

Andrei Tudose160,000160,000
Teun Kooij0-53,700