Kozub Eliminates Dutu From the Main Event

Tomasz Kozub

it folded around to Tomasz Kozub on the button and he raised to 50,000. The player in the small blind called the bet, but when it was on Andrei Dutu he moved all in for a hefty 544,000. Kozub took his time to eventually announce "call" and the small blind folded.

Andrei Dutu: :::Ac:::Jd
Tomasz Kozub: :::3h:::3d

The board ran out :::2c:::8s:::Ad:::Jh:::Kd and Kozub was eliminated from the tournament and can collect €5,290 at the payout desk.

Tomasz Kozub 1,500,000 520,000
Andrei Dutu 0 -490,000