Kozub Eliminates Or on a Rollercoaster Hand

Tomasz Kozub

Tomasz Kozub checked the :::6c:::Js:::2d flop with about 120,000 in the pot. Amitai Or jammed for 200,000 and Kozub called.

Or turned over :::Kh:::Js for top pair. However, he needed help to survive the hand as Kozub with :::Ac:::Jh also had top pair but with a better kicker.

Kozub screamed in pain after the :::Kd on the turn gave his opponent two pair. It was Or’s turn to scream after the :::Ah completed the board on the river to give Kozub a better two pair and was eliminated in 29th place for €3,870.

After the hand, Kozub left his seat to wish Or a good game.

Tomasz Kozub 880,000 340,000
Amitai Or 0 -770,000