Kristof Segers Eliminated in 6th Place (€11,140)

Kristof Segers

On the button, Kristof Segers shoved all in for 595,000 and Julien Stropoli called in the big blind.

Kristof Segers: :::Td:::Ts
Julien Stropoli: :::Kc:::Qd

The :::5h:::8d:::9s flop kept Segers in the lead, and the :::2h on the turn was safe for him as well. Standing up, Segers awaited his faith as the river was dealt.

The river was the :::Qh and Segers covered his face, turned away from the table and took a few steps. He then walked back to the table and shook his tablemates’ hands as he exited in 6th place.

Kristof Segers
Kristof Segers
Julien Stropoli2,230,000645,000
Kristof Segers0-450,000