Kron Under Pressure on Outer Table

Outer Table

With the flop showing {10h}:::6d:::6s, Patrick Clarke check-raised from 57,000 to 165,000 and Julien Kron moved all in to force an instant fold from Clarke.

However, the tides turned soon after for Kron. David Schable check-shoved the {10c}:::4c:::3c:::Jh turn and Kron forfeited his bet of 190,000. Both Frenchman exchanged some words in their own language, which Mick McCloskey inquired about.

It was then McCloskey that took on Kron in a battle button versus cutoff. Kron check-called 75,000 on :::Qd:::Jc:::6h and check-folded the :::8d turn when facing a second bet of 120,000.

Joseph Ellis1,440,000-150,000
David Schable1,240,000240,000
Mick McCloskey950,000200,000
Patrick Clarke660,000-120,000
Julien Kron400,000-200,000
Jakub Groblewski330,000-120,000