Krzysztof Jaguscik Eliminated in 10th Place (£6,110)

Krzysztof Jaguscik

Krzysztof Jaguscik shoved 330,000 under the gun and Francis Foord-Brown called from the small blind.

Krzysztof Jaguscik: :::Ac:::3c
Francis Foord-Brown: :::Ad:::8c

With an icy stare, Jaguscik calmly awaited his fate as the dealer fanned out :::As:::7c:::Jd on the flop. The :::6c on the turn gave the Pole additional outs, as he picked up a flush draw to go with his treys.

The river bricked with the :::Kd and Jaguscik headed to the payout desk.

The final table is now set and all remaining players will be moved to the feature table. Seating and chip counts follow.

Krzysztof Jaguscik0-550,000