Kuznetsov Cripples Bardon

Anton Kuznetsov raised to 80,000 with :::7d:::5d and Manuel Bardon peeled with :::8c:::4s in the big blind. The flop was :::6s:::4h:::Js and Bardon check-called a bet of 125,000.

The :::8d on the turn promised fireworks, as Bardon improved to two pair and Kuznetsov to a straight. Bardon checked, Kuznetsov bet 250,000 and Bardon called.

On the :::Kd river, Bardon checked a third time. Kuznetsov sized out a value bet of 400,000 and Bardon snap-called. Kuznetsov showed the nuts, but Bardon quickly showed as well thinking his hand was good. After a short moment, the Spaniard realised he had lost and shipped 400k over to the Russian.

Anton Kuznetsov3,345,000725,000
Manuel Bardon605,000-620,000