Kuznetsov Takes From Foord-Brown

Anton Kuznetsov raised to 120,000 with :::As:::Ks and got four (!) callers: Francis Foord-Brown (AhQh), Gerret Van Lancker (7c6c), Bhavin Khatri (5c5d) and Dejan Govedic (5h4s).

The flop was :::7d:::8h:::Ad and Kuznetsov fired 225,000, which only Foord-Brown called. On the :::2s turn, Kuznetsov bet 400,000 and Foord-Brown called again. Both players checked the :::5s on the river.

Kuznetsov outkicked Foord-Brown and created some distance between the two.

Anton Kuznetsov 5,325,000 1,320,000
Francis Foord-Brown 2,915,000 -1,075,000