Launonen and Langfeldt Meet Twice

Juho Launonen shoved from under the gun for 420,000 and Nicolay Langfeldt reshoved from the button to siolate.

Juho Launonen: :::8h:::8c
Nicolay Langfeldt: :::Ad:::Qd

The board came ]Ks,6s,9s,Jh,6h] and the Finn doubled.

One hand later, Langfeldt shoved the remainder of his short stack with the :::Ad:::Qc and Launonen called in the big blind with :::Kd:::7d. This time, the Norwegian held up thanks to a board of :::Jh:::6c{10s}:::9s:::2d.

Juho Launonen750,000275,000
Nicolay Langfeldt275,000-125,000