Le and Lakhdari Both Double With Kings

Quoc Dung Le opened to 425,000 and Omar Lakhdari three-bet to 2,000,000. Dung Le four-bet all in for 2,560,000 and Lakhdari called.

Omar Lakhdari: :::ad:::jc
Quoc Dung Le: :::ks:::kd

Le was the player at risk and he doubled on the :::3h:::8d:::ts:::7s:::6h runout.

On the very next hand, Lakhdari picked up :::kh:::kd and raised to 420,000. Le three-bet all in from the big blind with :::as:::6s and Lakhdari called.

The board came :::tc:::qd:::3h:::9h:::4h and this time it was Lakhdari’s turn to double.

Vladimir Nex7,300,000-600,000
Quoc Dung Le3,800,000900,000
Omar Lakhdari3,300,000-300,000