Linden’s Wild Ride

Catalin Morariu doubled through Jakob Linden after open-shoving for 114,000 with the :::Qh:::Qd. Linden called from one seat over with the :::9c:::9d and the board came up blank showing :::As:::2h:::2c:::Ad:::6h.

Linden then doubled up his tiny rest with :::As:::7s against the :::Kd:::Kc of Adrian Bizineche when he flushed on the turn before Zoltan Boszormenyi was unable to deal the final blow with :::Ks:::Qs. Linden held :::As:::Jc and made a straight on the board {10c}:::7h:::2h:::8h:::9h.

Catalin Morariu220,0000
Jakob Linden150,0000
Adrian Bizineche130,000-35,000
Zoltan Boszormenyi100,0000