Luca Beretta Eliminated in 2nd Place (€48,550)

Luca Beretta

Luca Beretta was down to just six big blinds and he shipped all in for 930,000 on the button. Alan Carr made the call from the big blind and the cards were on their backs with the tournament on the line.

Alan Carr: :::qs:::6c
Luca Beretta: :::kh:::9s

The flop came :::ah:::jd:::4c and Beretta was still out front with his king-high. However, the :::6h on the turn gave Carr a pair of sixes and he held on through the :::3c river. It was a bad run of cards for Beretta in the end but he will still take home over €48,000 for his second-place finish.

Alan Carr9,800,0001,900,000
Luca Beretta0-1,950,000