Malinen Doubles Through Chiva

Bogdan Petrascu raised and Eugen Chiva in the small blind as well as Ville Malinen in the big blind called. On the {10h}:::6s:::5s flop, action checked to Petrascu and he bet. Chiva called and Malinen then check-raised all in for 37,0000. While Petrascu folded, that wasn’t the case for Chiva, who called with :::9d:::9h.

Malinen had :::7c:::4c for the straight draw, and got there on the :::8c turn and :::3d river to double up in the last few hands of the night.

A few further players weren’t as fortunate: Ionut Alexandru Decher, Marian Ionut Farcas, Idan Shoham and Madalin Petraru all busted.

Eugen Chiva267,50037,500
Ville Malinen100,00089,700
Ionut Alexandru Decher00
Marian Ionut Farcas00
Idan Shoham00
Madalin Petraru0-70,000