Manolea Busts Chirieci

Luciana Manolea

After the action folded to Aurellian Nicusor Chirieci in the small blind, he raised to 9,000 with a stack of around 50,000 and Luciana Manolea moved all in from the big blind with the superior stack. Her countryman snap-called and was in bad shape.

Aurellian Nicusor Chirieci: :::Qc:::Jd
Luciana Manolea: :::Ks:::Qs

After a board of :::6c:::2c:::2s:::As:::7c, the kicker played and Chirieci was eliminated. Manolea started the day with 100,000 and has since doubled up her stack.

Luciana Manolea200,000100,000
Aurellian Nicusor Chirieci0-78,500