Marillaud and de Zutter Thriving, Ploch Doubles

The mystery of Mihai Manole’s exit after dinner appears to be solved, as Jessy Marillaud reported about a major suckout he delivered to an opponent on the other side of the table just after dinner. His opponent in the big blind four-bet shoved with pocket aces and de Zutter looked him up with ace-king to improve thanks to a king on the flop and a king on the river.

Jessy Marillaud has been able to build his stack nicely and Jean-Michel Ploch finally doubled after shoving at least five times previously. His four-bet shove for 30,000 was called by Jonatan Koko with pocket nines on the button. Ploch had jacks in the big blind and held up.

Alexandre de Zutter240,00093,000
Jessy Marillaud110,00073,000
Jean-Michel Ploch65,000