Mario ‘RaptorDaRaptor’ Joos Eliminated


Ben Winsor opened the action with a raise, and called after Mario ‘RaptorDaRaptor’ Joos had three-bet from the big blind.

The flop came rainbow nine high and ‘RaptorDaRaptor’ check-called a bet from Winsor.

‘RaptorDaRaptor’ again check-called a bet after a low turn card fell and after another low card hit the river, ‘RaptorDaRaptor’ made a pot sized all in for close to 50,000.

Winsor opted to call and revealed :::qx:::9x for top pair, which had ‘RaptorDaRaptor’ beat with :::ax:::qx and the Unibet esports player departed the field.

Ben Winsor 170,000 110,000
Mario ‘RaptorDaRaptor’ Joos 0 -70,000