Marius Gicovanu Eliminated in 2nd Place (€45,310)

Marius Gicovanu

Martin Soukup open-shoved and Marius Gicovanu called for 2,090,000 after having invested the big blind ante also.

Marius Gicovanu: :::Kd{10d}
Marius Soukup: :::Ad:::5c

The :::Ac:::7d:::4h flop left Gicovanu on think ice, but he picked up some outs with the :::Kh turn. A blank :::5h followed on the river and Gicovanu was eliminated in 2nd place for €45,310.

As for Soukup, he has accomplished a very rare feat and became the third player to win a second Unibet Open title. He takes home €71,000 for his efforts and another trophy to add to his collection.

A recap of today’s action is to follow.

Martin Soukup11,000,0002,265,000
Marius Gicovanu0-2,250,000