Martin Gallagher Eliminated in 9th Place (£7,010)

Martin Gallagher

Francis Foord-Brown opened with a raise to 80,000 holding :::Ks:::Kd. Martin Gallagher went all-in on the button for 450,000 with :::Jd:::Jh.

Gerret Van Lancker picked up :::7d:::7h in the big blind and called the shove, but folded when Foord-Brown went all-in over the top.

The :::Kh:::4c:::3d flop all but sealed it. After the :::9h on the turn it was done, making the :::9c on the river meaningless. Gallagher, a plumber in daily life, received £7,010

Francis Foord-Brown 3,630,000 945,000
Gerret Van Lancker 1,275,000 -470,000
Martin Gallagher 0 -555,000