Martin Wendt Eliminated in 6th Place (DKK 109,400)

Martin Wendt

Martin Wendt raised to 135,000 with :::9s:::9d from early position. Sigurd Carlsson picked up :::Tc:::Ts on the button and simply shoved to put everyone to the test.

The other players folded to Wendt, who called all in for 910,000 total.

The flop was :::7h:::6h:::2h and changed nothing with neither playing having a heart. The turn was the :::Ac and the river the :::8h to eliminate Wendt.

The experienced Dane, the biggest name at the final table, had been nurturing the short stack throughout the day until his run ended in 6th place. Wendt headed for the rail and collected DDK 109.400.

Sigurd Carlsson 5,000,000 1,650,000
Martin Wendt 0 -1,250,000