Massive Bluff Propels Hennessy to Chip Lead

"Wow wow wow!"

Nicholas Hennessy’s tablemates are in a frenzy after witnessing what just unfolded at their table. The action started off as normal, with Martin Gallagher raising to 21,000 and Hennessy calling in position. On the :::8d:::8c:::Tc flop, Gallagher bet 25,000 and Hennessy called.

The turn was the :::Kc and Gallagher checked. Hennessy bet 35,000, but Gallacher had a crafty plan in mind as he check-raised to 85,000. Hennessy came along with the call to create an already substantial pot.

On the :::Td river, Gallagher fired a hefty bet of 125,000. Hennessy considered his options, then shoved all in for more than 300,000. Squirming in his seat, Gallagher gave it plenty of thought before finally releasing his hand.

Hennessy slammed :::Qs:::Jc open on the table, eliciting the aforementioned response from his table mates. Gallacher smiled and fist bumped his opponent as a sign of respect.

With the massive bluff, Hennessy rose to 700,000 and grabbed the chip lead.

Nicholas Hennessy 700,000 260,000
Martin Gallagher 260,000 -160,000