Mateusz Krzyzewski Eliminated in 13th Place (DKK 44,500)

Mateusz Krzyzewski

In one of the first hands of the day, Mateusz Krzyzewski was sent to the rail by Thomas Ardai. Ardai opened the action in early position, Krzyzewski shoved a little over 300,000 in late position and Ardai instantly called.

Thomas Ardai: :::As:::Js
Mateusz Krzyzewski: :::Ac:::6c

Krzyzewski was dominated but reversed it on the :::Ah:::6h:::4s flop, taking a huge lead in the hand. The turn, however, was the :::Jc and swung it right back to Ardai. The river was the :::Ts and Krzyzewski became the first casualty of the day.

Thomas Ardai 800,000 369,000
Mateusz Krzyzewski 0 -333,000