Matt Perrins Eliminated in 34rd Place (£2,410)

Matt Perrins

Matt Perrins open-shoved around 150,000 in late position. It was folded to Christopher Yong in the big blind, who snap-called after looking at his cards.

Matt Perrins: :::As:::Td
Christopher Yong: :::Ad:::Kh

The WSOP bracelet winner failed to improve on a :::6c:::5h:::8d:::Jd:::6d board, sending him to the rail in 34rd place.

Super short stack Hannu Matala Aho was eliminated on another table and finished 35th.

Christopher Yong 534,000 164,000
Matt Perrins 0 0
Hannu Matala Aho 0 -25,000